Food Allergy Statement

While Pachamama staff prepare all meals separately and with care, we cannot guarantee allergen-free meals.

As our meals and ingredients change with seasonal produce and availability, allergens may be present in meals even if they were not in the past. This is due to the potential of changing allergens in the working environment and supplied ingredients. Allergens including but not limited to the following may be present as ingredients, components of food additives or components of processing aids:

Click on any of the above allergens for an expanded description as listed at

Therefore, our meals are not suitable for those with allergies or intolerances such as nuts, gluten, soy, etc.

If you would like a full list of allergens for any meals or see if we are able to cater to your specific dietary restrictions, get in touch via our contact page.  All orders are at the purchaser’s own risk and no responsibility will be accepted by Pachamama.

We appreciate your understanding.